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Autopilot combines
generative AI with traditional media to drive sales via paid ads


We'll assess your competitors, market, customers & brand to create unique & profitable angles, guaranteed to drive revenue


We'll create a custom iterative plan that not only produces quality ads every week but also progressively hones in on your dream customers


We'll look at the analytics & create hundreds of data-driven variations based on the successful concepts ensuring a reduction in CPA


Once we find consistently performing angles, we'll scale spend while simultaniously introducing brand new concepts
data driven

Save time & get quality creative

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Wildfish Cannery

Get the same results
Wildfish Cannery
Meta ad management,
Performance creative

Star Cosmetic Medicine

Get the same results
Star Cosmetic Medicine
Meta ad management,
Performance creative
Ever since I started working with Martin & his team, I've seen the sales pile on. Thanks to the guys at Autopilot for all the great videos and hard work !
Rick Delarosa, Founder at
I am happy to write a glowing review of Autopilot Agency which has truly impressed me. They took the time to understand my goals & developed a custom creative strategy.
Dr. Mariusz Gajewski, founder at Star Cosmetic Medicine

Our approach

Quality ads

scroll-stopping designs
volume of deliverables
any language or format

Fast delivery

weekly delivery
constant communication
unlimited revisions

Low costs

no full-time employees
no hidden fees
flat monthly pricing

Get world class creative talent at a fraction of the cost.

Freelancers are often inconsistent & deliver subpar results. An in-house team is very costly & a headache to recruit.
What is the price ?

We charge a flat monthly retainer fee. As each business varies, we refrain from offering one-size-fits-all packages.

Please book a call HERE to get a quote.

Why use AI-augmented ads ?

Generative AI allows us to instantly create studio quality creatives at a fraction of what an expensive photoshoot would cost.

This leads to an exponentially higher volume of creative deliverables per month, meaning we can test quicker and find profitable ads faster.

What styles of ads do we make ?

We make video, gif & static ads centered around driving sales.

Every brand has a unique design language so we typically combine Generative AI + UGC + Existing brand assets to fit the client's aesthetic.

What's the average turnaround time ?

Depending on the scope, from the day you pay the invoice and sign the contract - it will take about 7-10 business days for us to deliver the first ads.

Why work with Autopilot over competitors?

No other studio combines cutting edge AI technology with traditional direct response media.

No other studio will output as many testable creatives or get your first deliverables in less than a week.

Am I qualified to work with Autopilot ?

To work with us you must be spending at least $10K or more in paid ads.

This opportunity is geared towards experienced individuals, not those seeking instant wealth.
We seek growth partners for enduring relationships.

How long does the onboarding process take ?

Less than 40 mins.

Upon payment, you will receive a service agreement and an onboarding form via email.

The onboarding form requires 10 to 20 mins of your time. You'll find a calendar link at the end of the form to schedule your kickoff call. Additionally, we'll send you a Slack invitation for daily communication.